The monument “Mother Armenia” is the symbol of Armenia.

Figure, copper, incuse, tufa. Height: 22m. 

The monument “Mother Armenia” is the symbol of Armenia. A famous explorer of art A. Kamenskiy noted its dominance and city-forming role in the architectural ensemble of Yerevan (A. Kamenskiy. “Fates and characters”. Creative work. 1983. 7).

The sculpture was set in Yerevan in 1967 on the monolithic pedestal, built in the early 1950's. The purpose of the sculpture is connected with creation of the Victory Monument. There is a museum inside called “The Armenian people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945”. In the image of Mother Armenia the sculptor embodied the will, courage and inner strength. It is a collective image of an Armenian woman, standing guard over her native land. The idea of motherhood is deeply interwoven with the idea of defending the fatherland. The sculpture is distinguished by a stylized form of hands, stern features of clothing; bending of the right hand, according to Harutyunyan’s idea, made precisely at a right angle, symbolizes the power and strength of the protector, the power and greatness of the motherland. On the forehead of the woman there is a sign of hemispherical form covered with gold leaf.
With the erection of the monument “Mother Armenia” one of Ara Harutyunyan's amazing predictions has been fulfilled. Once during the dismantling of the monument to Stalin (now few people know that on the same pedestal stood the figure of the “leader of all nations”), the sculptor said: “There will be a monument made by me!”


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